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Introduction to service and accomplishments of the 17LIVE live streaming app


17LIVE is a free live streaming app that anyone can use. From celebrities to the average person, anybody can communicate with fans all over the world using 17LIVE.
17LIVE is the future of communication tools. 17LIVER can express themselves as they create their own stage and show their special skills such as cooking, travel, and makeup anytime.
17LIVE also serves as SNS. You can share a good time with family, friends, and followers anytime as the service offers video and photo sharing and follow functions. Our service can be used safely as the streamed contents are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We also regularly hold online events with giveaway prizes. The system is updated and new features are added periodically, offering constant fun and entertainment.
Since our establishment in Taiwan in 2015, 17LIVE surpassed 10 million downloads in just 248 days, and as of December 2020, the number of registered users worldwide has exceeded 45 million. We also have a track record of becoming No. 1 in the app store in the United States.
17LIVE has fostered a new media trend, establishing itself as a leading company in the live streaming industry with an investment of 10 million dollars in series A round and receiving a large investment from a company that operates a popular communication app in Asia. Currently, 17LIVE has offices in six locations: Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, New Delhi, and Los Angeles.
Created as a new entertainment platform by integrating not only live streaming but also a wide variety of entertainment content and SNS, 17LIVE holds the world’s largest live streaming industry festival, the Golden Feather Awards, which strives to establish itself as the most innovative and valued award system for the growth of new entertainment and culture. Through these activities, we will also proactively strengthen relationships with our partners, expand into overseas markets, and develop strong teams.