Group Information Security Policy

17LIVE. Inc and our group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Company") establishes and practices this Information Security Policy to ensure customers use our services safely and securely.

Information Security Policy Applicability

The Information Security Policy applies to all information obtained and acquired in business activities and all information held by the Company in business operations (hereinafter referred to as "Information Assets''). Board members, employees, dispatched employees, etc. of the Company and those authorized to access our Information Assets (contractors and their employees, etc.) shall comply with this Information Security Policy.

Information Security Policy Statement

Establishment of Management System

We aim to comply with relevant laws and regulations, and establish a system enabling the appropriate management of all possessed Information Assets in efforts to earn the trust of our customers and society.

Maintenance of Information Security Policy and Related Regulations

We develop and maintain rules and regulations to ensure compliance with the Information Security Policy.

Thorough Implementation of Information Security Measures

We aim to establish an information system with thorough measures to prevent the destruction, damage, falsification, misuse of Information Assets or disruption of services due to unauthorized access from inside or outside the Company.

Information Security Measures Against Human Factors

We aim to ensure compliance with the Information Security Policy and provide education and training to all personnel involved in the handling and management of the Company’s Information Assets. In addition, we will ensure that all employees are aware of the strict attitude towards any violations of the policy.

Organization and Implementation of Audit System

We aim to ensure that audits are appropriately conducted to ensure compliance with the Information Security Policy and related rules and regulations.

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