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    About 17LIVE

    1When was 17LIVE established?
    17LIVE was established in 2015, and the 17LIVE inc. Group (formerly 17 Media Group) was established in 2017. Through the live streaming app 17LIVE, we have created a platform for people all over the world to communicate. 17LIVE is currently enjoyed by over 50 million users.
    2What is the purpose of establishing 17LIVE?
    17LIVE was established to create a platform where all users can connect with people around the world, achieve their dreams by showing their special skills and hobbies, and lead wonderful lives. We aim to make 17LIVE a part of people’s daily lives as a new communication tool.
    3Where is the head office?
    The 17LIVE head office functions are spread globally, including Tokyo, Taipei and the USA, and we have offices in six locations around the world.
    4How many 17LIVE employees are there?
    A total of about 745 employees work in our offices around the world.
    5Who are the main targets of 17LIVE?
    Our main target is all mobile users. Through live streaming, we aim to connect with the world and achieve a future that broadens our horizon.

    About Career

    1What kind of jobs are available at 17LIVE?
    The 17LIVE Group has various openings, including content production, business development, engineering, design, public relations, marketing, and event planning.
    2What kind of person is 17LIVE looking to hire?
    At 17LIVE, we look for pioneers in the mobile media generation who have a perspective of digital globalization, practical skills in the Internet business, and a passion for pursuing their dreams.